Sections of Youth and Government

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Legislative (Also Gov cab and Lobbying)

Legislative is a section where each student individually presents a bill for a new law. Delegates then present to other Legislative delegates reasons as to why it should become a law. The other Legislative delegates debate the bill and vote on it in a congressional setting.


State Affairs Forum

State Affairs Forum is a section in which a team of one to three members selects an issue from a topic list and then writes and presents a proposal to other State Affairs Forum delegates who then debate and vote on it in a forum setting.



Two teams of eight high school students develop a case for criminal conviction or defense based upon case evidence and witness affidavits and present the case in a mock trial setting. There is also Appellate court, which is part of Judicial but separate from the mock trial setting.


Model United Nations

Participate in a simulation of the Model United Nations summit, in which delegates take on the role of representing a nation and discussing and solving issues plaguing both your own and other nations.




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